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Experience A+ Quality!

Welcome to our website. We are a Japan-based translation company delivering eJapanese Qualityf. Our project team and language specialists commit to offer quick and reliable service to customers from all over the world.

We offer translation service for various languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, and Arabic.

As a translation company having 10 years of experience, we have garnered a good reputation in the following fields: manufacturing, IT, software, science, chemical, environmental technology, marketing, legal, financial and general business.

A+ Quality Means

1. Reliable quality control

For all language pairs, we apply triple-check quality control :

Step 1:
Basic check and proofreading
Step 2:
Proofreading by a language specialist whose mother tongue is the target language
Step 3:
Final check before delivery

2. Smooth and quick communication

It is not only translators who are all bilingual or multilingual but also our in-house team members. Unlike many Japan-based translation companies, you donft have to worry about communicating with us. Also, our team is renowned for its ability to understand each customerfs real requirements.

3. Simple pricing

No complexity, no express charge, no unpleasant surprises. We set prices based on language pairs and source word/character count. In addition, our minimum rate is just USD15.00. You can see the details here.