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For calculating charges, how do you count the number of characters/words of the source document?

For directly editable documents (Word, Excel, text files, etc.), we use the ‘Word Count’ tool of Microsoft Word. In the Word Count pop-up window, for example, for English to Japanese translations, the number next to ‘Words’ is used, and for Japanese to English translations, the number next to ‘Characters (no spaces)’ is used.
For English to Japanese translations, if the word count is 400, then the charges will be US$0.15 per word * 400 words = US$60.00 (including tax).

In case of uneditable source files such as FAX, PDF, image files, etc., we count the characters/words manually as we cannot use the abovementioned function of Microsoft Word.


Do you have all the documents checked by a native speaker as standard?

Yes. As our standard, native speakers check all the documents.


When are the express charges applicable?

As the basis for the express charges is unclear, we do not charge any expedite charges. For example, we may be able to deliver the translation on the same day depending on the volume and content, and it might not be so difficult. Therefore, we believe that no express charges are required. However, there are cases when we are not able to deliver the translation immediately. In that case, we discuss with our client and try to deliver at the earliest possible time.


Do you accept correction requests and questions even after delivery or payment?

Yes. We accept correction requests and answer questions about delivered translation after your delivery or payment. No charges are applicable for this unless any new text is added.
However, please note that depending on the volume or duration of the project, we may consult you about the payment conditions separately.


How can I pay you?

We accept payments via bank transfer, credit cards and PayPal. Please note that in case of payment via bank transfer, the bank transfer-related charges shall be borne by the customer.


By when should the payment be made?

After delivery, once the translation contents are confirmed, we will issue an invoice. Then payment should be made via bank transfer (bank transfer-related charges to be borne by the payer), credit card or PayPal within 45 days of the invoice issue date.
Information necessary for payment (bank account information, etc.) is provided in our invoice.


How do you maintain confidentiality?

Basically, all the data received from our clients are handled as confidential information. Confidentiality is strictly controlled under our company policy.
When required, we are willing to conclude a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We have our standard NDA format or can also use the format provided by the client.